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Accessing to the portal

Your Client, to which you send your invoices, must register your Business name and your user.

If not, please contact your client to ask for it.

When your Client finishing registering your email, and the portal detects it's a valid email, you will receive an email with a link to create your password:

If you don't see the email, please check your SPAM for it. Even if you don't see it, please ask your client to re-send the activation email.

When you click the button, you'll be redirected to the portal where you're going to create your password:

If everything went well, you're now inside the portal:

And you'll get an email telling that you're now registered in

After this first configuration and when you close your session, every time you want to access the portal, you will be asked for the following information:

1. Your email: The one your client registered and in which you received the previously shown emails.

2. Your password: We don't have access to this information, if you forget it, please refer to the next section.

You can use this link to access to the login page:

Recover the access to the portal

If for some reason you don't remember your password, please click here to go to the "recover password" webpage.

Input your email in the empty field and click the button:

If your email isn't valid, you'll get a notification in the right-lower corner of the portal screen:

If your email it's registered, we will email you, notifying you about a request to generate a new password:

You'll be redirected to the portal, where you're going to generate a new password:

Change the language of the portal

On some occasions users may be configured in Spanish, the portal will allow you to change the language of the same for your convenience.

Inside the portal, please click your "avatar icon":

Select and click on the "Profile" option:

In the new window, click on the "Language" arrow and choose the English language:

Click on the update button:

Sign out, clicking on your "avatar icon" and selecting the option "Log out":

Input your data access again, now you'll find your portal in English language:

Create your digital record

We highly recommend creating your digital record before you try to upload your invoices to your client.

Some clients have configured this step as mandatory, if you have doubt about it, please contact your client.

Some fields of the "Digital record" could have been configured to expire, depends on the configuration your client sets, the portal will inform you about it, through an email, and you will have to update the expired field/s.

To create it, go to your option “Digital record” in your menu:


Click on the edition button, a plus sign, to load your client required information:



The red dot, A in the image above, indicates that there’s missing required fields to register.


A new window will show up, click on the add file button (the clip) to select the file from your computer:

When your file it’s loaded, click on the “Update” button to upload the file to the portal:

Repeat for each of the fields in the layout until the red dot disappears, it indicates you that the information required on that tab it’s completed:

Your client needs that you input your bank information, for this select the "Bank Accounts" tab:

Click on the edition button and fill in the required fields:

IMPORTANT: At the moment of writing this guide, the portal will request the CLABE, which doesn’t apply for foreign banks. To bypass this, temporarily, please input this CLABE number:

  • 000000000000000000

Once all the required fields are registered, the “Send” button will be available, please click on it and confirm the action, to send us your digital record for the corresponding review:

The portal will show you that your “Digital record” were sent to your provider, and will be reviewed by them:

In your Dashboard, you can see your "Digital record" status:

Please be patient, your client it's working on the review of your documents. If you need more information about it, please contact your client.

Upload and send your invoices

Inside the portal, go to the section "My CFDIs > To send", in this option you can upload and register the corresponding data of your invoices:

You already need to have your invoice file, PDF format, the portal doesn't provide this file. Click on the add button, plus sign, and prepare your invoice file, normally your PDF file

Fill out the required information and click on the “Add” button to upload your invoice:

The portal shows you the details of your invoice:

Every client it's different, but if you see some text in orange in the "Sending data" section, that means your Client requires that you upload additional information to receive your invoice.

Some elements are optional, but the ones with an asterisk (*) near the element description are obligatory documents:

If you try to send your invoice without that documentation, you'll receive an error:

To upload/capture, the additional information, please click the orange text and follow the instructions (if any) that your client provides:

Repeat until all the required fields are loaded and their text changes to blue:

Now you can send your invoice to your Client, clicking on the "Send" button:

The portal will notify you that the invoice were sent to your client, that doesn't mean it was approved, for they respective review:

If for some reason you don't have the time to upload the extra information, closed your session, blackout, don't have the additional files, etc., you can return later to the invoice details clicking on:

  • My CFDIs > To Send > Click on the Set/Folio value of your listed invoice

Check the status of your invoice

Now that your customer has the invoice, it will go through your customer's internal flow for their respective payment.

You can see your invoice/s status, going to the option "My CFDIs > In Process". Look for your invoice stage column and place your mouse over the dots, you'll get the status of that invoice:

 If your Client keeps with the payment flow, in the same menu you can see the "Payment scheduled" column that shows you the date on which the invoice will be paid

When your invoice is registered as paid, you will be notified via email, and you will no longer find it listed in this menu:

To find it, access your "Payments > Archive" options:

Clicking on the "Payment number", you will see the details of the payment registered by your customer, it could contain one or more invoices: